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Welcome to Clarington’s Wellness Path!

Although we all know that we should take better care of our mind, body and spirit, the pace of life can make this a challenge. It is our mission to assist you in achieving this goal however we can!

The Wellness Path provides a single location that can meet all your holistic health care needs. Our centre is home to professionals in the field of Massage, Holistic Nutrition and Allergy Sessions, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, a Dental Hygienist and more! We also feature a new Holistic Spa, Work-Out Studio, Yoga Room and offer a number of gluten-free, or natural food products and supplements.


Holistic health care aims at prevention, but we recognize that many of us have existing health concerns that also need relief. Whatever your challenge, we welcome you to come to the centre for a variety of options to gain a better perspective of your holistic health.

Through Live Blood Cell Analysis, Hair Analysis or a Consultation with our Natural Pain Clinic Director, we can provide you with an integrated plan for long term NATURAL solutions. We look forward to working with you to chart a path to better living.


Live Blood Cell Analysis $90 +HST
Determine nutrient imbalances, digestive issues, parasites, hormone imbalances and more. Includes comprehensive plan for correction.


Hair Analysis $90 +HST
Heavy Metals present? Nutrient deficiencies? Detox needed? Get answers and an action plan.

Symptoms got you down?

Most of us are well aware that our diets are NOT what they should be. We often impede our own health by eating too much fast food, sugar, carbs, and empty calories. Attempts to improve our lifestyle are often derailed by bad habits, food cravings and a systemic lack of knowledge.

We have amazing and knowledgeable staff to help with all your needs and goals. We have holistic specialists and can direct you to the right assessment (on-site) to determine imbalances that may be preventing you from reaching your goal. We help with weight loss, digestion, bowels, organ health, hormones and more.

It sounds too good to be true, but we have many testimonials from clients who have achieved long-term relief from sinus issues, food sensitivities, digestive & bowel problems, hormonal imbalances and more.

Using non-invasive and drug free modalities, our goal is to enable the body to create natural balance known as Homeostasis, therefore alleviating suffering.

Homeostasis is a state of body equilibrium or stable internal environment of the body. It is so important that most disease and/or illness is regarded as a result of its disturbance, a state called Homeostatic Imbalance. In general, the body is in homeostasis when its needs are being adequately met and is functioning smoothly.

Unsure what to book for?  Talk to Nancy Metcalf our Clinic Director at Clarington's Wellness Path.  She can assess your needs and direct you to the right Practitioner or Program to help you get the health results you are looking for.

We do not support any claims to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition in which a physician’s medical license is required.

Catheryne Dahlke is our in house certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine expert. Catheryne uses a ‘digital analysis meter” to measure and review energy flow (or ‘qi’) in your body. This is a painless technique that can give you a glimpse of your overall health on a computer.

This assessment is often followed up by an acupuncture treatment which balances misdirected energies for improvement of your symptoms. Catheryne takes a holistic approach with all her patients, treating the root causes of a symptom, and supplementing her treatments with herbal teas or supplements when beneficial.

Catheryne has proven to be especially effective in relieving pain, illnesses, and hormonal issues like menopause or poor fertility.

Catheryne’s acupuncture treatments have corrected knee pain, plantar facieitis, back problems and a host of other ailments. If you have joint pain or chronic discomfort, perhaps this approach will work for you, as it has for many others.

While acupuncture has proven to be helpful for numerous long-term illnesses such as Lupus, MS and Parkinsons. It is also effective in dealing with shorter-term viruses and bacterial infections. Catheryne has even been able to provide holistic relief for seasonal colds and nasal infections!


Acupuncture has proven to be a fantastic option for managing the symptoms associated with menopause. Whether you are suffering from poor sleep, hot flashes, mood swings or weight-gain, acupuncture could provide the relief you are looking for!

Are you facing challenges in becoming pregnant? In instances where your trouble is related to hormonal imbalances, acupuncture can help! Call Catheryne today for a digital (needle free,) assessment!

Initial Treatment: Consult and Acupuncture $100 (60-75 min)
Follow up Acupuncture $70 (45 min)
Follow up Consult (No Acupuncture) $60 (45 min)
Package Pricing on 10 Sessions $595
Taxes extra

Homeopathy WORKS

Your body has a highly equipped immune system. In its optimal operating state, your immune system is capable of healing almost any ailment it has. Homeopathy works on this concept, using highly diluted forms of plants, minerals and even animal venoms to trigger natural healing responses in the body. You often see near immediate results, and because your body is using its own resources to heal there are no side effects.

Homeopathy can be used to treat everything from headaches and joint pain, to asthma and depression. Around the world, wealthy and famous people who have access to the best medical treatments consistently choose homeopathy. The British Royal Family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, even The Beatles used homeopathic remedies!

Homeopathy is a wonderful alternative to pharmaceuticals. It can be used safely in tandem with your current medical prescriptions, but can also become a replacement for everyday medications like Tylenol, Benadryl, muscle relaxants and more.

What Your Appointment Will Look Like:
Your initial appointment with your homeopath can take up to an hr and a half. This is because they will do an in depth study of your body health, emotional health, lifestyle and even personality. All of these things affect the way your body and immune system operates, and it will impact the remedy that will be right for you.

We recommend discussing with your homeopath the top 5 symptoms that you would like to work on. It can be anything from skin rashes, headaches and allergies to weepiness, stress or insomnia. Homeopathy is symptom based, meaning it uses a complex examination of your symptoms to determine what factors may not be operating properly in your system. So everything is important. At the end of your treatment, your homeopath will give you a remedy to take for a short period of time. Most people will see dramatic improvements immediately, while some conditions take a few days to improve. In some cases, your follow up appointment may include an adjustment to your dosage, or an alternation of your remedy. So pay attention to how you respond!


  1. It is Safe To Use On Children – even infants only a few days old can safely use homeopathy. Which is fabulous, because there are great remedies for colic!

  2. There are No Side Effects – Many people are currently on medications that have troublesome side effects. If your current prescriptions are making you nauseous, dizzy, fatigued or taxing your heart or liver, or lowering your sex drive, homeopathy might be the alternative you are looking for.

  3. You Can Trust It – Homeopathy has been used effectively for over 200 years. You cannot overdose on the remedies, and many countries including Switzerland, Cuba, England and Germany have incorporated it into their public health care system.

  4. Its Easy to Dispense – Kids have no problem taking these remedies, they have little taste or can even be sweet. So there are no battles at bedtime.

  5. You Get Great Service – In order to serve you best, homeopathy appointments are incredibly thorough. So your first appointment may last over an hour! If you are concerned that your Dr. doesn’t spend enough time to understand your symptoms – homeopathy is for you.

  6. Remedies are Inexpensive – Homeopathy is not covered by OHIP, and you will have to pay for your appointments – however the remedies are very inexpensive ranging from about $4-$20/bottle. So if you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on prescriptions, you might want to check out if homeopathy works for you.

  7. You Don’t Have To Take Remedies Forever – Homeopathic Remedies actually treat your symptoms instead of managing them. That means that after your homeopath’s prescribed period of time – you can stop taking them! This is great for people who don’t want to be dependent on their medications.

Manual Osteopathy involves gentle palpitations of the muscles and bones to repair errors in alignment. It has proven to be incredibly effective in treating back pain, sciatica and displaced ribs.  (For more about Osteopathy, click here)

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